Food processor: Uses and Functions

Food processor is a very useful appliance in a kitchen. It is sometimes rightly called the workhorse of a kitchen because of its utility in so many of the kitchen tasks. Once you get in the habit of incorporating your food processor in most of your recipes, you will not be able to imagine a life without it. It makes work in the kitchen much faster and simpler. Tasks like chopping vegetable which takes several minutes when done by hand, not to mention the energy wasted while doing so, are completed in a matter of seconds using a food processor.  Here is a list of tasks it can perform for you:


One of the main purposes of a food processor is chopping vegetables and nuts. The main blade which fits in the work bowl is used for chopping. This blade chops your ingredients into smaller pieces. You can control the size of the pieces by controlling the duration for which the machine runs. The longer you run it, the smaller will be the pieces that you get.


Your food processor can also be used to grind meat. This function is performed by the same S shaped blade that is used for chopping vegetables. Instead of buying minced meat from the store, you can make cheaper and healthier minced meat by using your food processor to grind raw meat. This way you can also control the texture of your minced meat. If you want finer texture, you can run the machine longer. If you want courser texture, you will run it for shorter intervals.


Food processors come with slicing disks which are used to slice vegetables like carrots, onions etc. you can even slice fruits with it. For slicing, you will fit the slicing disk on top of the work bowl and close the lid. Then add the vegetables from the chute at the top of the lid while the machine is running to slice them. Some food processors come with the ability to slice with different thicknesses as well.


The grating disk of the food processor is used for grating a block of cheese. This saves the user from much trouble by saving his time and the risk of cutting his fingers. You can also use this disk for grating vegetables, for example you can grate potatoes to make hash browns.


You can use your food processor to puree food as well. For example you can puree tomatoes to make tomato sauce. You can also puree different fruits and vegetables to make baby food. However, while pureeing food that involves a lot of liquid, you need to be careful not to overfill the bowl or else it will leak resulting in a lot of mess. For more instructions and guide, i must recommends to check out Most food processors have a fill mark in their bowl to indicate the level up to which you can fill with liquid.

Kneading dough:

Food processor can be used to knead dough as well. Some food processors come with a dough blade. If not, the normal chopping blade works fine as well. You can make different types of dough to make pizza crust, pie crust, ‘roti’ or bread.

Does a waist trainer can help burning body fat?

Losing weight is probably one of the greatest missions of most people, men and women alike. A big fraction of the world’s population suffers from the issues of obesity. This one problem paves the way for many other health related issues. Heart problems, diabetes, breathing difficulties are all a consequence of obesity.

However, it is sad that very few people are actually willing to take the matter seriously and do something about it. Many people simply make peace with the fact that they are fat and will stay that way. I hope you are among the people who are determined to lose weight not only to look good but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Along with the popularity the waist trainers are gaining, there is much controversy as well as whether waist training work or not? Whether they really help burn body fat? The answer is: If used correctly and with determination, they definitely work!

Waist trainers are designed to enhance the results of exercise. They do this by stimulating sweat around the waist area. When you are sweating more with less exercise, you will be burning fat much faster. These belts are usually made with material like neoprene. This material heats the body. When your body temperature increases you will burn fat faster.

Waist trainers also help in lose weight by building up your dietary habits. If you wear a waist trainer during your meal times, they will make you feel fuller much faster. Waist trainers constrict your belly, thus making it impossible for you to overfeed.

While it is true that you will have to wait a little long to see any permanent results as is the case with any weight loss technique, you can get a little bit of hope by achieving an instant hourglass look. Wearing a waist trainer will immediately take a couple of inches off your waist and make you look slimmer. Looking yourself in the mirror will give you an idea of what could be achieved and will give you the right determination to continue this regime till the very end.

Waist trainers are becoming popular among men as well to achieve the same fitness goals. If you want to purchase waist trainer for men, find all  information and have sexy slim body and loose your tummy weight by starting waist training today.

Choosing the right size for your waist trainer plays a crucial role in its effectiveness. The size you choose should be 2 to 3 inches smaller than your actual waist size. This size will fit tightly yet comfortably. If you choose a size smaller than this, it will be detrimental to your health. If you choose a size larger, it will be ineffective along with being very uncomfortable to wear.

How to take care of your Golf Shoe

Golf shoe is one of the most important equipment while playing golf. It is very important to find the right golf shoe for yourself. It should provide you with the necessary comfort, flexibility and traction required to play golf along with being durable and waterproof. Once you have spent good money buying the right pair of golf shoes, you would want to take good care of it to keep its functionality up to mark and increase its life. With proper care of golf shoes for men, they will retain their looks, feel and performance for a long time. Here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Clean your shoe after every use by removing the dirt from it. You can use a mild soap if you don’t have a shoe cleaner. Wipe the outsole and remove any dirt and grass from it. Leather oils are available to be used on leather outsoles to retain the look and the performance of leather for longer time.
  2. Air dry the shoes at room temperature before storing them. Avoid placing them out in the sunlight. Also do not use a hair dryer or any other artificial heat source to dry your shoes even if you are in a hurry.
  3. Store your shoes only after they are completely dry. If you store the shoes while they are still a little wet, you are putting them at a risk of bacterial growth.
  4. Check if the spikes are securely intact on the sole. Also check their condition after each round. The most common plastic spikes available nowadays, wear down quite easily. You will have to replace the spikes if needed. Replacement spikes are easily available in the market.
  5. When your shoes are dry you can use shoe cream on them to condition the leather and remove any marks.
  6. If you had been playing in the rain and your shoes have excessive moisture in them, place newspapers inside them to absorb the moisture.
  7. Once your shoes are clean and dry, place cedar shoe trees in them and put them in a shoe bag. Cedar shoe trees absorb excessive sweat and moisture along with maintaining the shape of the shoe. A golf shoe bag will keep your shoe safe and is manageable for transport. Look for a netted shoe bag to prevent moisture from building up.
  8.   It is highly advisable to own at least two pairs of golf shoes and alternate them for each round. This will significantly increase the life of the shoes.

Golf shoes are as important for women golfers as they are for male golfer. Taking good care of your favorite pair of golf shoes is very important if you want to extend their life. Follow all the tips mentioned above and you will not have to worry about buying a new pair for a long time.

Common Uses of a Blender

Blender is an appliance found in almost every modern kitchen nowadays. It completes so many blending tasks in a just a couple of seconds making your tasks so much more simpler and faster than you would have managed without a blender. If you still don’t own one, it’s time you start thinking about buying one online from reputable blender reviews site. If you are wondering why you need one, here are some of the most common uses of a blender:

1. Pureeing foods:

Many recipes require you to puree foods like fruits and vegetables for smoothies or sauces. You can also puree baby food in your blender. One thing that you should keep in mind is that if your blender is a standard one which can only process soft foods, don’t use it to puree hard foods like raw carrots or pears. Also be careful not to use it to crush ice.


2. Blending eggs:

Instead of whisking egg with a fork or a whisk you can blend it in a blender before making an omelet or scrambled egg. Blending the egg will make you cooked egg fluffier, softer and more appealing to the eye. Try it next time you make breakfast for yourself.

3. Blending pancake batter:

Instead of going through the trouble of whisking the ingredients by hand, simply put all the ingredients of pancake or waffle to your blender and blend them. You will get smoother and faster results.

4. Blending smoothies and milkshakes:

You can make fruit smoothies and milkshakes with your blender. If your blender does not come with ice crushing capabilities, make sure you don’t add ice among the ingredients in your blender.

5. Smoothing gravy:

If your gravy has lumps in it (could be due to the addition of flour or corn flour to make it thicker), you can emulsify it by using a hand blender to blend right in the pot. You can also transfer the gravy to a countertop blender after it has cooled down and blend it. You will get smooth, lump free gravy.

6. Making dressings and dips:

You can use your blender to make numerous salad dressings and dips. It can even make homemade mayonnaise with very few, simple ingredients.

7. Pureeing soup:

If you are making homemade soup, you can cook the ingredients like onion, potatoes, chicken etc in broth. Once the ingredients are soft, you can immerse an immersion blender in the pot and emulsify everything to get a smooth creamy soup.

8. Making nut butter:

Some good quality blenders with high powered motors can even make nut butter. You need to go through the instruction manual to decide if your blender comes with this specification.

9. Make whipped cream:

You can use your blender to make whipped cream. It makes whipped cream much faster than a hand mixer.